Confessions (September-19)

I am a magazine junkie. I am buried in them. No really. To change the sheets on my bed today I had to remove sixteen (16!) magazines that were scattered all over my covers. You would think in this day and age I’d read all my content online. But there is something about physically touching those glossy pictures that inspired me.Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 4.57.31 PM.png

I know what you’re thinking. As a beauty formulator, I must be reading them to get new product ideas. But I promise you, my love of magazines predates my current career choice by about forty-five years. I can vividly remember the feelings of awe and hope when I got the new issue of Seventeen magazine. Okay, okay. Awe and hope? I realize I sound a little crazy here. And I do understand and agree with the fact that these images can be unrealistic and even damaging to some of the readers. So why do I read them like it’s a full time job? Why do I get a little rush every time a new month’s issues hit the stand?

Okay for one; I’m old. I’m well behind the digital and social media curve. I did not grow up receiving content from a screen so while I like it, I’m still most drawn to the glossy covers at the airport news stand. (Don’t travel with me. I will make you stop at every airport news stand from security to the gate.)

Two, while I’ll admit to being a little envious when I read articles like “twenty seven ways to organize your laundry room” accompanied by women who actually get dressed and showered every day, and who also actually have laundry rooms, I’m basically just inspired by what’s out there to tackle. Books to read! Museums to see in Prague! Casseroles to bake! (note to self-buy casserole dishes.) Prada bags to buy! (Another note to self-get a new, hip wardrobe to look like someone who would carry a Prada bag)

But without a doubt, I have been most enthralled for all my magazine reading life with the simple to extravagant displays of color. How different textures and colors in hundreds of different items can lend themselves to a certain lifestyle and feeling. That feeling can be boho chic or coastal preppy or classic Italian villa. Really it can be anything. And this is what drives my choices in color and products.

IMG_8361 copyPeople ask me all the time where I get my ideas for new makeup. One of my favorite color inspirations comes from, of all places, my monthly Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Each month they showcase different colors of house paint. Something about the way they style the shades in everything from wall colors to ottomans to floral arrangements, always makes me want to use the color choices in my products in some fashion.

IMG_8357 copy 2So this month I am thrilled to announce my new Better Homes and Gardens inspired mini eyeshadow duos. They will include a range of colors; some new and some of our regular shades. I don’t think I can actually use the magazine name in the official product launch, so instead I’m calling each palette by the month they are showcased and I’m thrilled to bring you “September-19” with two of our favorite rich colors, dark gray Smudge and deep purple Reign. Both these colors can be used for a pop of accent, or allover from the lash line to above the crease and blended to create a vibrant smoky eye for fall.

This first of many duos debuts on our website today for $15 each and come in a sparkly silver magnetic case. We’re going to have some serious fun with these!

Oh and you can confidently wear them while hanging out in your laundry rooms…

xo Gwyneth



A long but important post. it natural? This question, one I’m asked almost daily by customers, is by far the hardest one to answer. The reason? Because “natural” means different things to different people. And absolutely nothing to the beauty business industry. Natural is a marketing term. There are no regulations around the use of the word. A product could have one natural ingredient in it and say, “made with natural ingredients.”  Then there are the questions surrounding how the ingredient is sourced. Did it come directly from nature, as is, like coconut oil, or was it “naturally” created in a lab, like a coconut flavor oil, which mixes some components of a coconut with other ingredients, like sugar?

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 11.58.51 AMI’ve been struggling with how to define my products for a while now. So instead I’ve decided to focus on what my products truly are. I believe that cosmetics should be easy to use, be made with superior ingredients and yield maximum results. I have painstakingly researched every component of what I make right down to the packaging.

And here’s what I DO and DON’T put into my cosmetics.

  • I DO use natural, fair-trade sourced and sustainable ingredients. I only buy from vendors who guarantee their ingredients have not been tested on animals. Shea butter is natural. But if it’s sourced from unethical vendors, tested on animals then sent to me, I don’t want it.
  • I DO NOT use any mineral oils or byproducts, like silicones because their processing is not sustainable by our environment.
  • I DO USE natural ingredients that have undergone a chemical change through a natural, but lab regulated process. An example is coconut oil. I use a lot of liquid, or fractioned coconut oil (technically called Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride on a label) in the products. Basically, it is a form of the oil that has had the long-chain fatty acids removed via hydrolysis and steam distillation. Just this one change makes the oil liquid at room temperature and extends the product’s shelf life. Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 11.59.42 AM.png
  • I DO NOT use any of the “dirty” ingredients, whether they are natural or not. This includes mineral oil, palm oil, paraffin waxes, glycols, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, vinyl, Vitamin A or BPA plastics.
  • I DO vet every ingredient I choose against an extensive set of databases to ensure its safety.
  • I DO NOT use any ingredient that has not been approved by the FDA, the European Union Standards for Cosmetics or the Environmental Working Group. All of these groups rate and recommend ingredients based on their safety to the consumer.

This is what I tell people. Every ingredient I choose is one I feel comfortable using on my children. I choose quality ingredients that I know are safe and that work. I also believe that a huge part of the “is it natural” debate is about transparency. Which is why very soon you’ll find a link on our website explaining what every ingredient is, what it does and why I chose it.

So, what are my two biggest hurdles for someone looking for something absolutely natural? While I do use essential oils for medicinal purposes, I also use synthetic fragrance oils. Why? Because they smell amazing! 4 lotions copy
I only use fragrances from suppliers that can guarantee that they contain no phthalates, the component of fragrances that are most likely to cause a negative reaction. Without this ingredient, fragrance oils are 95% less likely to cause an allergic reaction than an essential oil would.

Also, after years of research and in-house testing, I’ve come to terms with using a synthetic preservative called Optiphen Plus or GSB (glucondalactone and sodium benzoate) in many of my body products. These broad spectrum preservatives are readily accepted worldwide as a safe and necessary component of any product, especially if it contains water or is in a jar. They are free of all parabens and formaldehyde and approved by all major regulatory agencies. I feel strongly that safety is paramount, and I want to guarantee no yeast, molds or microbes will be in the finished product over time. The percentage of preservative needed is low; less than 1% of the total volume of the product. But it guarantees the safety and effectiveness of what you buy.

So are my products natural? I let my customers be the judge. What I can tell you is that I oversee every aspect of production. I use safe and effective ingredients, in their most natural forms. I research every ingredient and have said no to many natural and synthetic components. (Like alcohol. Many brands use alcohols in production and in the final product which is completely natural but not always safe.) Ultimately my goal is to be completely honest with my customer and let them decide for themselves. My customers absolutely love what I make and keep coming back for more. I am proud of my work and thrilled to share it with all of you!

xo Gwyneth

Lip Smacking Good!

It’s that time of year again, seasons change and our skin seems to change right along with it. For me, it’s the chapped lips that really do me in. As soon as the temperature drops and the air loses some humidity, my lips and the skin around them go dry. My hair is happy, but my smile, not so much. I know the first instinct is to reach for some lip balm, but that’s actually the second thing to apply. The first thing you want to do is exfoliate!


According to Rachel Krause, the associate beauty editor at, to properly moisturize chapped lips, you need to get rid of the flakes and dead skin cells before your hydrating balms can really get in there to heal. Otherwise the balm just sits on top of everything.

Sometimes it’s not enough to coat your lips with balms and oils. To really cure a constant chapped lips problem, exfoliating away the rough, dried skin is essential in helping fresh layers of skin come through. Just as body scrubs are an important part of any skincare routine, exfoliating lip scrubs are crucial in maintaining a healthy, smooth pout.

sugar.jpgAnd the best exfoliator for the job is sugar. Sugar tends to be smaller in size than other exfoliants, making it ideal for sensitive or delicate skin. And, because it’s much gentler on skin, it’s perfect for removing layers of flaky skin without running the risk of irritation or abrasion. Plus, sugar is a natural humectant, meaning it actually draws moisture into your skin and does not strip skin of its natural oils.

How often you use a lip scrub depends on the severity of your chapped lips. For the most part, using a lip scrub once a week is perfect for maintaining a smooth, flake-free smile. But, you can absolutely use every day if your mission to a beautiful smile is top priority. Follow your scrub with an ultra-rich lip balm, and you’ll be totally kissable!

Pucker up!

xoxo Gwyneth

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 9.34.59 PM


Our lip scrub is made with organic sugar and lightweight apricot kernel oil and currently comes in two all-natural flavors; Sweet Orange and Honey or Tropical Berry.



Aaaaah Honey, honey….

Today on my social media channels I posted a picture of our Amazing Honey Mask with a promise to write about it on my blog. Tonight. As in right now.

Let’s just say it’s been a loooong time since I’ve written a blog post. But I’ve been here before. So rather than bore you with another “let me tell you where I’ve been for the past year” posts (and it really was a heck of a year) I’ve decided to just jump right back in. Thanks for still being around!

Today in the studio I made our Amazing Honey Mask. This year I started using locally sourced raw MV island honey. The mask became so-well-amazing, that I was recommending it to all our customers. And basically not selling any of the other masks on the shelves. I realized that this one mask was meeting everyone’s needs.


Raw honey is one of nature’s greats. It retains many medicinal (and skin loving) qualities that get removed as it is processed to be shelf stable. And it is safe for all skin types. Qualities include:

  • Antibacterial-great for decongesting and cleansing acne prone skin
  • Anti-Inflammatory-calms redness, irritation and rosacea symptoms Honey Mask
  • Moisturizing-loaded with nutrients and enzymes to nourish skin, and it’s a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture into the skin
  • Exfoliating-has exfoliating ability and reveals fresh, smooth skin by safely removing dead skin cells that can clog pores and make your skin look dull
  • Antioxiant-contains varying concentrations of polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants

We combine this magic ingredient with a trio of healthy skin oils including my favorite, kukui nut oil from Hawaii which is well known for its healing and rejuvenating properties. We hand stir in extracts of comfrey to soothe, and white tea full of antioxidants. Finally, we add a blend of oatmeal and clay to gently exfoliate and decongest skin.

Is it sticky? Yes. It will feel like you are rubbing honey all over your face! But I promise you, it is worth it. Apply an even layer across your face, avoiding eyes and let it sit for about ten minutes. Wipe off with a warm washcloth and your skin will be soft, smooth, clean and glowing. Safe to use as often as you want.

Go ahead honey! You’ll love it.

xo, Gwyneth

Loving Press…



Business News: Bluewave Body Co. makes waves on Martha’s Vineyard

Mix one part passion and a whole lot of local collaboration.

By Brittany Bowker – Sep 28, 2016

Bluewave Body Company has collaborated with Chilmark Coffee and Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt. Courtesy Gwyneth Wallace.
Gwyneth Wallace, an Edgartown native and mother of five, had her own bath and body shop five years ago. She was always interested in cosmetics, but mass-market products she tried weren’t … quite right. So she decided to to start making her own. (How very Vineyard of her.) She began with a trial lotion for her son’s eczema, and when that worked, she realized she might be able to start a business.

“I researched it to death, watched a million YouTube videos, and it took off from there,” Ms. Wallace said in a recent conversations with The Times.

Now Ms. Wallace has her own all-natural cosmetics line, Bluewave Body Co., featuring Island-inspired beauty products — lotions, salt sprays, sugar scrubs, toners, oils, balms, masks, and more. All ingredients are fair trade and FDA-approved. And as of last month, many of them are local.

“I wanted to have more control over the ingredients going in,” Ms. Wallace said of her decision to include ingredients from Martha’s Vineyard.

Two of her most popular products are the sea salt hair spray and the coffee scrub (the caffeine in coffee scrubs has been shown to exfoliate and stimulate blood flow, which helps eliminate wrinkles). So she figured, why not involve Island vendors? She reached out to business owners Todd Christy of Chilmark Coffee, and Heidi Feldman and Curtis Friedman of Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt, and is now using their products in hers.

“They loved the idea of collaboration. We’re promoting each other,” Ms. Wallace said. Now that the businesses work together, their logos appear on each other’s products and their products appear at one another’s stores.

The collaboration officially rolled out a month ago, after a crazy summer on all ends. Now that things have slowed down, Ms. Wallace plans to further promote and fundraise within her community.

“One of my part-time helpers has a daughter on the field hockey team,” Ms. Wallace said. “Many of the girls have sore feet, so I put together a little trial pedicure set for them. Now any sales for the pedicure sets go to the MVRHS booster club for the field hockey team.”

She’s hoping to carry out more Vineyard partnerships.

“I’d love to start working with farms to source dry herbs and flowers,” she said, “I infuse my own oils from rose petals and chamomile flowers into my lotions, so it’d be great to source these locally.”

Ms. Wallace oversees production and packaging of every product from start to finish. Each product takes about two hours to make, and is punctuated by a process of cooling, settling, and stirring.

“The best part is when you get the oils and waters to come together to actually make a lotion. I’m still humbled and awed by the process, and the public’s reception of it,” she said. According to Ms. Wallace, nothing hits the shelf until it’s been thoroughly tested.

“I don’t test on animals, I test on my children,” she laughed.

According to Ms. Wallace, 80 percent of people who buy from her at the Vineyard Artisans shows end up later returning or ordering something online. Now she has to keep up with the demands of a growing business, which means restocking, refilling, and remaking her products at a more rapid pace.

“The business part is the most challenging part,” she said.

She keeps her ideas fresh by following artists of similar work, reading magazines, and simply observing.

“If I read an article in a fashion magazine about a certain color that’s very popular, I think, Wow, that’d be a great color for a new lotion line,” she said.

Some big ideas will carry Ms. Wallace into 2017. She plans to create subscription packages, open an Etsy store, and add mineral makeup to her line.

“Luxurious but affordable. Chic but beachy,” said Ms. Wallace. “I want to make sure everybody finds something they love, and they’ll want to come back for more.”

Bluewave products can be found at the Vineyard Artisans Festival on Oct. 8, as well as at the Made MV artisans store on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs. Ms. Wallace’s products can also be found online at

Great news.

We would like to introduce our most exciting Vineyard adventure.

Bluewave is now in collaboration with @mv_sea_salts and @Chilmarkcoffeecompany to bring you our fall creations.

Chilmark Coffee Body Scrubs, (Brown sugar, MV Sea Salt, Freshly roasted Chilmark Coffee)

MV Sea Salt hair texturizing spray. (MV Salt, coconut and Jojoba oils, and aloe vera water)

Twinkle Toes exfoliating foot scrub (MV Sea Salt, peppermint, tea tree and lemon grass oils)

Vineyard body scrub. (MV Sea Salt, sugar, almond oil and Shea butter)

In an effort to use as many locally sourced and Vineyard inspired products as possible, we present to you:

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-12-50-50-pm    1115-logo-copy    screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-12-48-42-pm
Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt is produced by husband and wife team of Heidi Feldman and Curtis Friedman, a tech consultant-turned-entrepreneurial farmer and carpenter who share a commitment to local, sustainable food production and a deep love of Martha’s Vineyard. It takes a lot of sweat and salt water, sunshine and elbow grease to produce Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt, but that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

The full story here…

And Todd Christy of Chilmark Coffee Company.

The Chilmark Coffee Company is part of a small island community; a collaboration between farmers and fisherman, summer intellectuals and world economic leaders, photographers and painters, poets and stone masons, tradesmen and master craftsmen, elderly and young – All working closely to continue the values and slow pace established generations ago on this glacial moraine in the Atlantic Ocean. People here make things slowly and with pride. They understand and live as part of this unique environment.
We bring our own experiences as artists/ businesspersons/ athletes to create unique coffees and a company that reflect our values of hard work, planning, exceptional product, style and uncompromising vision. We are a family business. Our goal is exceptional coffee in your cup. We stay focused on roasting coffee to the best of our ability and providing training and understanding to our conspirators of what went into that coffee to now be in their hands. Read more here…

Order here. Perfect for fall.

Enter News916 to receive 15%off all sales.

Find us at Made MV on Circuit ave for our Tivoli day showcase with specials and sale.

Thanks for the support, we enjoyed making our first batch yesterday!

Gwyneth and Lara.



Bluewave Vineyarders.

img_4993Leif Counter is vegan, a carpenter, surfer, pilot, and one of the coolest guys you can meet. Leif tested and loved the Boyfriend Beard Oil, made with Jojoba oil, Argan, Witch Hazel and Apricot oil.

“It smells great and leaves the hair soft with a healthy look.”

We just love the MV Combo of Leif, Beard oil and Lucy, his old Ford Classic.

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