When Life Gives you Lemons, make Logos!

Here I am, two months since my last blog post, and I’m in some state between shock and awe about how much has changed in just ten weeks. I am still in Hawaii, which has been a blessing since my husband and oldest son managed to get here right before a global pandemic lockdown, but it’s also been stressful because two of my kids got stuck parentless on the Vineyard. Luckily one of them is my twenty-seven-year-old daughter who is basically my co-parent anyhow, so all is good there. But my mamma heart misses them terribly! I am anxious to get home and get back in the studio, even though I have no idea what summer is going to look like on my little island.

Phoebe keeping Mikey alive.

Usually this is the time I am gearing up for the summer show season. Although no definitive announcements have been made, the shows will most likely be moved to an online platform for most of the season. My hope is to have a small showroom in my studio for appointments so you can still come and try my products when it is deemed safe. (From the virus. I can never guarantee safety from my kids, my dog, my kids 4000 friends…) 

I have been working on launching a new website for a while, and now it’s become a front-burner project so I can better serve all of you. The website has been a constant work in progress, because what I really want to do is make lotion all day, not figure out how to make my website look like it wasn’t put together by a toddler. These extra few weeks in social lockdown while I wait to safely get back to work have given me time to wonder exactly why things like websites, and logos, and brand development (whatever that actually means) are always such a “work in progress” for me. I have been asked some variation of two questions since I started selling products. “Who is your target customer?” and “how to you define your brand?”

In eight years, I still haven’t fully been able to answer these questions. After a little pandemic fueled introspection, I think I know why. I’m afraid that the answers I really want to give to these questions is wrong. But there is no right or wrong answer. 

My brand and my mission are to make luxurious, beach-inspired and effective hand-crafted beauty products for you.

And all of you, are my dream customer. 

It’s really that simple. I make beauty products for anyone who wants to feel special. And I do it while staying true to my inspiration; my daughters. Kind, smart, hard-working yet free-spirited beautiful souls who have been raised and influenced by the sounds and sights of living by the ocean. 

I feel awful about all the business consultants I’ve exasperated, and for all the designers who’ve done EXACTLY what I said I wanted only for me to change everything. I guess I just needed these changes to come from within me. (I’m not a fan of the phrase control freak. I think the technical diagnosis would be indecisive, and difficult to reel in girl who likes glitter.)

So, in light of my mission and my expansion into bringing you a full line of natural makeup, I’ve decided to trust myself and make some changes. And now…we have a new name and a new logo. And yes, I designed this myself.


So later today we will launch our new website! Right now, everything is 20% off and your order will ship on June 1 when I officially reopen the studio. The website will be a work in progress as I update labels and pictures (but don’t worry-the formulas you love will remain the same!) I just decided I wasn’t going to let a little pandemic stop me from moving forward with something that just feels right.

I am most blessed with health, family, my business and of course, all of you!

Here’s to a most wonderful 2020 season, whatever it looks like.

xo Gwyneth

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