About Bluewave Body Company.

Gwyneth Wallace is a mother of five, volunteer, and creator/director of Bluewave Body Company, an all-natural, handcrafted, Vineyard inspired beauty line.

It all started a few years ago. Gwyneth had kids with sensitive skin and could find no relief. There seemed to be nothing on the shelves that worked for them. She began making lotions to heal and soothe her family.

“It was satisfying knowing the ingredients I use on my kids and seeing the benefits.” Gwyneth said. In doing so, she discovered a talent and passion.

That was six years ago and her passion for creating and blending new and favorite products continues to grow. Inspired by the beauty of both the Vineyard and Hawaii where she and her family vacation over the winter, you can see the influence of both islands in her beauty line.

We source the freshest and safest ingredients from trusted vendors. All our ingredients pass stringent tests and are FDA, EU and Whole Foods approved. (Yes, Whole Foods has some of the most stringent safety laws for cosmetics in the world!)

Gwyneth has big visions for Bluewave in the indie world of all-natural cosmetics and sees its placement in the Vineyard as unique and upcoming. She is preparing to include a new line of all-natural mineral cosmetics. Gwyneth’s goal is to include as many local products; salt, clay, coffee, flowers and honey; in her products as possible, and hit the perfect Island blend in beauty.

Thanks for supporting a Vineyard indie company and please watch what we have coming soon.


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