Back to School, Back to Life.

September has always been the start of my New Year. There’s something about organizing and launching five kids back into school and life that inspires me. It’s not just the start of school that’s exciting for me. Here in New England the seasons start to change. (Read: it’s not so hot and humid anymore!)  And here on Martha’s Vineyard the pace of life slows down. We go from 100,000 people back down to about 20,000. Of course, for all of us, this September and back-to-school time is looking a lot different, but for those who know me, there are still silver linings.

For one, I may be the only parent on the planet that likes having their kids learning remotely from home. I like having my kids around. I like being (overly) involved in their educations. I love the slower pace of waking up and not rushing anywhere except the dining room table and having family lunches together. I’m also feeling more gratitude this time around. I love my family, I love my house, and I love my business. 

This time of year is usually my time of resolutions. I make schedules, I cook actual dinners. And I naturally use this season to simplify and organize the spaces around my house. I get inspired. And all this has inspired me to simplify and organize my studio and my product line. 

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are less products on my website. Some of this is a function of manufacturing. The stresses of securing packaging and ingredients without sacrificing quality have been enormous. But I’ve also streamlined my slate of products to best meet the needs of my customers. Everything I make works in tandem with my other products. This way the website can be one-stop shopping. 

You can also except some new makeup and skincare coming this fall. I’ve already added our new Skin Tint formulas. These are tinted moisturizers made with hibiscus extract. Hibiscus extract has high levels of Vitamin C and other antioxidants, in addition to anti-bacterial properties. Vitamin C been shown to promote anti-aging and antioxidant properties required for collagen production. Vitamin C is involved in the regeneration and maintenance of many tissues. Skin Tint also contains silica. This natural and ethically sourced mineral helps blur fine lines and makes for a silky soft finish. 

So here we are. I am looking at this time like it’s the real start to 2020. And I am looking forward to all the new adventures it brings.

xo Gwyneth

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