Confessions (September-19)

I am a magazine junkie. I am buried in them. No really. To change the sheets on my bed today I had to remove sixteen (16!) magazines that were scattered all over my covers. You would think in this day and age I’d read all my content online. But there is something about physically touching those glossy pictures that inspired me.Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 4.57.31 PM.png

I know what you’re thinking. As a beauty formulator, I must be reading them to get new product ideas. But I promise you, my love of magazines predates my current career choice by about forty-five years. I can vividly remember the feelings of awe and hope when I got the new issue of Seventeen magazine. Okay, okay. Awe and hope? I realize I sound a little crazy here. And I do understand and agree with the fact that these images can be unrealistic and even damaging to some of the readers. So why do I read them like it’s a full time job? Why do I get a little rush every time a new month’s issues hit the stand?

Okay for one; I’m old. I’m well behind the digital and social media curve. I did not grow up receiving content from a screen so while I like it, I’m still most drawn to the glossy covers at the airport news stand. (Don’t travel with me. I will make you stop at every airport news stand from security to the gate.)

Two, while I’ll admit to being a little envious when I read articles like “twenty seven ways to organize your laundry room” accompanied by women who actually get dressed and showered every day, and who also actually have laundry rooms, I’m basically just inspired by what’s out there to tackle. Books to read! Museums to see in Prague! Casseroles to bake! (note to self-buy casserole dishes.) Prada bags to buy! (Another note to self-get a new, hip wardrobe to look like someone who would carry a Prada bag)

But without a doubt, I have been most enthralled for all my magazine reading life with the simple to extravagant displays of color. How different textures and colors in hundreds of different items can lend themselves to a certain lifestyle and feeling. That feeling can be boho chic or coastal preppy or classic Italian villa. Really it can be anything. And this is what drives my choices in color and products.

IMG_8361 copyPeople ask me all the time where I get my ideas for new makeup. One of my favorite color inspirations comes from, of all places, my monthly Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Each month they showcase different colors of house paint. Something about the way they style the shades in everything from wall colors to ottomans to floral arrangements, always makes me want to use the color choices in my products in some fashion.

IMG_8357 copy 2So this month I am thrilled to announce my new Better Homes and Gardens inspired mini eyeshadow duos. They will include a range of colors; some new and some of our regular shades. I don’t think I can actually use the magazine name in the official product launch, so instead I’m calling each palette by the month they are showcased and I’m thrilled to bring you “September-19” with two of our favorite rich colors, dark gray Smudge and deep purple Reign. Both these colors can be used for a pop of accent, or allover from the lash line to above the crease and blended to create a vibrant smoky eye for fall.

This first of many duos debuts on our website today for $15 each and come in a sparkly silver magnetic case. We’re going to have some serious fun with these!

Oh and you can confidently wear them while hanging out in your laundry rooms…

xo Gwyneth



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