Bring It On

It’s the season of the humid hair here in New England. We manage to go from the bitter cold winter to our moist warm ocean air in a blink of an eye. And our hair does not like it. It doesn’t seem to matter: straight, fine, coarse, or curly. Everyone is fighting the frizz. And while it seems counterproductive, if you give your hair a weekly surge of moisture, it will become less frizzy in the long run.

Coconut Oil Hair MaskOur Coconut Oil Hair Mask truly fits the bill for everyone. It’s full of lots of goodies, like amino acids and organic, fair-trade coconut oil to quench hair and add shine. Coconut, argan and flaxseed oils also offer deep conditioning and strength without buildup or greasiness. Vitamin B5 and aloe vera juice provide over the top nourishment. We mix in our custom blended hair extract of marshmallow root, nettle and chamomile for added detangling and control.

Used weekly, this mask can reinvent your hair! Apply liberally to damp, freshly washed hair making sure all sections are saturated. Leave on for at least five minutes then rinse thoroughly. For an extra reparative treatment, saturate hair with the mask, wrap hair in sections or place under a shower cap, and leave on overnight.

As always, our hair mask is fresh, handmade and natural. This has become a summer staple for all our clients. So go ahead, de-frizz your inner beach girl!



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