April Showers Bring…

So here on our little island of Martha’s Vineyard it’s been raining for a bit, after a few days of hot, eighty-degree weather. In typical New England fashion, everyone is either sweating to death or running around in their winter jackets. We never seem to get the middle ground. I can’t remember the last time we had what the rest of the world calls “Spring.” Our trees, our flowers, everything goes from dormant to full bloom overnight. I have a dear friend who spent a whole day at work dreaming about going home to trim some lilacs for her table, only to find them depleted by a rogue afternoon windstorm. What’s that saying? “Make sure to take the time to stop and smell the flowers.” Here on Martha’s Vineyard you have about three hours.

These fleeting spring florals are the inspiration for the first custom blended scent. May Flowers continue to be one of my best sellers. As you know, I am ridiculously picky about my fragrances. Floral scents are particularly tricky to work with because the fragrances can change so much over time. Every time I make a new batch of any product in the May Flowers line, I wait four weeks before I will actually put it on the shelves for sale. I want to be sure that the scent stay true to those fresh blooms.

May Flowers is a custom blend of four popular and fragrant flowers that bloom in my back yard. My goal was to create a fragrance that would enliven the senses the same way the first bright, pungent flowers of the season do after a cool rain. I start with a base of lilac oil, and then layer in hyacinth and lily. Once they fragrances settle, I add peony oil to give the scent a heady and earthy note. People tell me this scent smells exactly like walking into the florists’ shop.

May Flowers is one of my signature scents. It comes in a body wash, an everyday lightweight lotion, an exfoliating sugar scrub, and an ultra-rich body butter.

All of the products can be found on my website at www.bluewavebodycompany.com and I have a booth every Sunday in West Tisbury at the Vineyard Artisan Festivals. Stop on by and smell the flowers.


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